Alternative Funding Visioning Workshop

The Fashion Industry is stuck in some horrendously damaging behaviour.

Unfortunately, a lot of institutions like to push the idea that ‘ideas’ are the problem. That if you just come up with an even better idea about how to fix it; It’ll get fixed.

But generating an idea (and in my experience there are plenty of amazing people with amazing ideas around) is just the first step. Somewhere along the line there’s the ‘Funding’ step, and I’d argue that this is the bigger stumbling block. Until we find a route through this one, a way to get cash to early stage innovators so that they can test those ideas, no amount of good ideas are going to get us out of this mess.

Thanks to an individualist conception of ‘Entrepreneurial Behaviour’ you may well be left feeling like you’re the problem, when you come up against the funding issue.

Trust us- we’ve been around the block on this one, and its not you.

Questions around funding come up again and again on Accelorator programmes i.e I took part in the CISL Fashion Tech accelerator last year; We were encouraged to target our investment pitches at ‘making investors rich’, /I was part of the Fostering Sustainable Practices research project at CSF (LCF) which launches next month; at the pre-launch event one of three questions pitched at the panel was about how we get funding to post-growth ventures.

This is a big question, and one that deserves as much creativity as colour palettes and darts.

At the Visioning Event we are starting the process of building a coalition of radical brands that require radical funding strategies. By pooling ideas, data and testing we can find approaches that actually work, much quicker than any of us (stressed out, overworked, cash strapped…) entrepreneurs could alone!

It’s exciting to be part of the future, but it can be overwhelming to be out there alone.

Taking part in this programme taps you into likeminded brands and creatives, to build knowledge and power together.

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