Lambeth Common Mill

A Common Pool Resource for the manufacture of recycled textiles.

‘Gandhi said, if we have the spinning wheel, we have democracy.’ Dr Vandana Shiva

In order to live lives that are in sync with our planet, we have to redesign the way that our needs are met.

This is not just a case of choosing a different fabrics, or paying garment workers slightly more.

We have to fundamentally shift our relationships from a systematically extractive model, to a systematically regenerative model.

Ownership of technology is at the heart of this transition. Whilst ownership is held in private hands, is subject to debt, and is used to create profit, those of us who strive to live within planetary boundaries, can do little to raise living standards without also increasing consumption.

The Common Mill represents a new model of communal ownership, that can remove these pressures from the production of cloth, and create a new paradigm of localism, participation, cooperation and degrowth in the fashion and textiles sectors.

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