Principles of the Commons

This series of 3 short talks and discussions is designed to give some context to what we do and what we plan to do at the London Urban Textiles Commons. Most creative practice is constrained by the capitalist system that practitioners operate within. As textile and fashion creatives developing deep ecology within our work Co-FoundersContinue reading “Principles of the Commons”

Space In- Between Festival; Harvest Mindshift

Join us for an immersive discussion and workshop on the future of hyperlocalised textile production, through the lens of deconstructing our personal experiences of clothes. This event will be held at Alice Holloway’s Brixton studio, a semi industrial textile production space where Little Black Pants Club lingerie is made, and the Sweatshop bicycle overlocker isContinue reading “Space In- Between Festival; Harvest Mindshift”

The first Sweat Shop July 8th

To show people how much effort goes into making their clothes and engage them with the construction process the first London Sweat Shop launched in July this year. By using a bike to power an overlocker participants had a simple sweat shirt pattern cut to their mearurements and then pedaled the bike to run theContinue reading “The first Sweat Shop July 8th”