Principles of the Commons

This series of 3 short talks and discussions is designed to give some context to what we do and what we plan to do at the London Urban Textiles Commons.

Most creative practice is constrained by the capitalist system that practitioners operate within. As textile and fashion creatives developing deep ecology within our work Co-Founders Debbie and Alice have often been frustrated by the emphasis on ‘profitability’ over planet rejuvenation or social development, that the capitalist model hands down to funders and investors.

The Commons framework is a different structure of how we can access resources for creative pursuits. It’s focus is accessibility and empowerment, and it exists outside of the profit/debt structure of contemporary industry.

These short webinars will explore where the ideas of the commons come from, how this history is inspiring new projects, and what we need to do personally and collectively to move from an individualist success model, to a model of collective flourishing.

Each session will be conducted as a 30 minute presentation by LUTC cofounder Alice Holloway (Design for the Cultural Commons, MA) and an hour long discussion in small groups (depending on numbers). If you cannot attend the webinar but would like to be sent a download of the presentation please sign up and email us.

1. Where has the idea of the commons come from – history of the commons

A brief look at what the Commons meant historically and how society transitioned to a for profit, planet destructive, model for textiles and clothing in particular.

 2. Building new commons – Looking at scale and access

Some examples of how a Commons framework could build new hyperlocal supply chains that are planet and community regenerative rather than destructive.

3. Resilient communities – People and relationships

Working within Commons is a new paradigm that can often seem at odds with ideas of autonomy and creativity. What are the skills and technologies that keep these social/industrial spaces working? and how do we maintain nourishing relationships?

One thought on “Principles of the Commons

  1. Just listened to your conversation with Manda Scott. Yes yes yes! You have given me a glimpse of the way this all changes. Not a particular new economic system, not a particular political approach. But a deep reclaiming of our humanness. A radical self permissioning to access the knowledge we have deep down. A looking far far back to look forwards. You were a joy. Thankyou. Now back to my permaculture and quilting ( my joys.) Is there a way I can make a small financial contribution to your work ?


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